A hard decision

In the past few hours, we made a tough decision but in our opinion a due one: the Oasi is not in the risk area, but we decided to close for the next weeks, allowing our guests to postpone their stay whenever they wish, from May onwards.

We decided this because opening the hotel is still an invitation to travel and right now we think we should do the opposite, for everyone’s safety.
We reached this conclusion to guarantee our guests the best possible stay and because we want to guarantee our staff serenity and safety.

Welcoming you and helping you live magical moments has always been our main goal and our greatest pleasure, and we can’t wait to open our doors again <3

Meanwhile, we will continue to share photos, stories, and useful information both on Facebook and Instagram, for you to at least virtually experience our beautiful region. 

We’ll remain at your disposal should you wish more info or need to discuss your booking details, and don’t worry, and we’ll be using this forced break to study and improve our services.

Till very soon,

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