Brunch in Levanto? At the Oasi Hotel!

You are in Cinque Terre, and you feel like a brunch? In Levanto the Oasi Hotel awaits you for brunch every Saturday and Sunday!

What’s a brunch

Brunch is a tasty meal halfway between a breakfast and a lunch and has origins in 19th-century England, where buffets were set up to feed hunters and ladies when they returned from Sunday hunting trips. Within a few years brunch was also adopted by the common people, also because it was associated with convivial and cheerful moments, and now it is widespread almost everywhere.

A very informal weekend meal, designed for those who treat themselves with a lazy morning in bed and getting up simply mix breakfast and lunch.

Brunch mixes sweet and salty food without a precise order, with all the dishes served at the table at the same time, offering light-heartedness and delicacies.

For me, Silvia, a habit consolidated over the years abroad, that cheers up the winter weekends, when I usually host friends for a home brunch.

Brunch at the Oasi in Levanto

I told myself that brunch has to be an option in Levanto too and I therefore decided to organize it at the Oasi.

If you’re in the Cinque Terre or Levanto and you want a casual and tasty meal, brunch at the Oasi is right for you and it’s for you even if on Saturdays and Sundays you simply get up late …

Brunch at the Oasi a Levanto is synonymous with color and delicacy: you can sit in the garden or in the veranda, enjoy some jazz in the background and yummy food!

The menu includes fresh organic eggs, cooked at the moment as you prefer them, with bacon or salami or salmon, sweet cakes, my dark chocolate or yogurt muffins, the inevitable Genoese focaccia, bread with jams and yummy spreadable creams and then the hot drink of your choice and a healthy centrifuged or smoothie or fresh juice if you prefer.

If you wish, you can also ask for extra pancakes or a French toast, to go with jams, creams or with the classic maple syrup. We’ll take care of fresh whipped cream and wild berries!

Always as an extra, if you wish, you can toast with your friends with a glass of white wine from the Cinque Terre or prosecco … or a Spritz 😉

Our brunch menu

Practical details

Brunch at the Oasi is served on Saturdays and Sundays, between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. You can sit in the garden or in the veranda, as you prefer, out of season even by the fireplace if you like.

You can choose from the menu what inspires you and within minutes you will be surrounded by so many delicious treats, for only € 15!

Are there extras? Only if, as mentioned before, you order some tasty off-menu items: pancakes, French toast or alcoholic beverages.

You can book in various ways: using the chat from the smartphone at your disposal during your stay, sending us a message on WhatsApp or iMessage at +39 338 163 7272 or dialing +39 0187 807356 or again by e-mail or using the online chat on the website.

Till very soon!

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