Events in the Cinque Terre area

Festival Amfiteatrof 2015
Events in the Cinque Terre area

Levanto Music Festival

The Levanto Music Festival, also known as Massimo Amfiteatrof Festival, is coming back on July 10th, and we are already at the XXIX edition! Founded in 1992 as a tribute to the emotional bond between Levanto and the great cellist Massimo Amfiteatrof, the Amfiteatrof Music Festival was originally housed in the […]

Il Festival della Scienza di Genova
Events in the Cinque Terre area

The Genoa Science Festival

The Genoa Science Festival reopens its doors from October 24th to November 4th. A festival that is a reference for the popularization of science at an international level, and a meeting point for researchers, schools, and families. There are more than 250 meetings, workshops, performances celebrating the encounter between art and science, […]

Mare Mosso Festival a Bonassola
Events in the Cinque Terre area

Mare Mosso Festival in Bonassola

The Mare Mosso Festival for terrible children sponsored by the city of Bonassola reached its tenth edition.From August 1st to 5th, life in Bonassola will be dedicated to the world of childhood and the theater! Six professional theater companies for young people will present daily shows at 21:30 in Bonassola, its hillside […]

Il programma del Festival Suoni del Golfo
Events in the Cinque Terre area

Suoni dal Golfo Festival

For the third consecutive year, the Gulf of Poets hosts the Suoni dal Golfo Festival: 21 concerts in the beautiful towns of Lerici, San Terenzo, and Tellaro. After illustrious and unforgettable poets and composers such as George Sand, De Musset, Shelley, Byron, D.H. Lawrence, and Wagner, a close friend and […]

SenSuoSa Levanto
Events in the Cinque Terre area

SenSuoSa in Levanto

Finally we come to the seventh edition of SenSuoSa in Levanto, or trails, sounds and flavors. It’s a total sensory experience, an evening full of emotions, sharing, discovery, laughter, dishes and products of our tradition and good wine. In short, an evening you will remember with pleasure. In the past three years we had more […]

Il 1° Festival delle Geografie a Levanto
Events in the Cinque Terre area

The Geo Festival in Levanto!

The third edition of the Geo Festival will be held from April 11th to 14th in Levanto. The word geography was created and then developed by Eratosthenes: his γῆ γραφία meant the description of the earth and are traditionally the science that studies the earth and all the phenomena around it. In Levanto, […]