Route after Genoa A10 highway bridge collapse

Route after Genoa highway bridge collapse

As you certainly know, on August 14th the A10 Morandi bridge in Genoa collapsed, leaving everybody speechless and totally shocked. Dozens of people died and others were severely injured and we’re deeply saddened and we’ll never forget.

Genoa is part of what we are, the town we love and belong to, our soul.

Getting to Levanto after Genoa highway bridge collapse

The Morandi bridge in Genoa was part of a vital motorway network branch connecting Northern Italy to France, with the neighbouring cities of Turin and Milan, traffic might therefore get a bit congested till a definitive solution is applied.

Meanwhile, when coming from Southern France or Western Italian Riviera, the best option to reach Levanto and Cinque Terre is taking the highway A26 once in Arenzano and till Novi Ligure and from there the A7 till Genoa. From there you follow the A12 till the exit of Corrodano-Levanto.

Another option, quicker when the traffic level is under control, is to leave the highway at Genoa Airport, cross the town following the the SS1 Aurelia and Lungomare Canepa, the waterfront road, to re-enter the A12 in Genoa West. If you wish you can try, but we can’t guarantee you won’t get stuck at some point queuing…

Route after Genoa bridge collapse

Route after Genoa bridge collapse

You can even check the traffic status live and this would certainly help you decide which route is the best option at the moment.

We’ll update this post when needed.