Stand Up Paddle in Levanto

Stand Up Paddle in Levanto and other water sports

A few days ago we met Didier, a Belgian «waterman» with a deep passion for sports and yoga who brought the Stand Up Paddle in Levanto. He uses to spend summer time in Levanto to fulfill his lifestyle ideals.

His sport association Animablu offers different water activities to make you feel more connected with nature and with yourself: Surf, Stand Up Paddle, Free Diving, Sailing and Fishing.
He even does Pilates, Yoga and meditative walking.

What’s SUP?

It means Stand up Paddle and consists in standing on a board and move on the water using a paddle, just like Polynesian islands chiefs traditionally do.

SUP became a worldwide famous sport in the early 2000s thanks to Laird Hamilton’s personal passion.
Today it’s a sport you cam easily practice everywhere!

Practicing SUP you can discover the many creeks and coves around Levanto, visit Cinque Terre in a completely different cool way, relax away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, muse and even doing some yoga 🙂 In this case we are talking about SUPrana a water discipline with the effect of releasing the daily stress, focus with natural elements, expanding the respiratory capabilities and of course enjoy the sea.

SUP and other water activities in Levanto

If you want to spend a few special hours enjoying the sea in Levanto or visiting Cinque Terre in a different way, let us know and we’ll arrange some classes or excursions with Didier!

For an introduction course count 60€ if you are alone, 80€ for two people and 30€ per person for a group of three or more people. It’s really worth it!

Beside SUP, Didier also offers many other options! Check the attached flyers for some inspiration 😉

©WaterWalk for all the beautiful pics published in this post. Thanks Didier!