Hike Levanto’s hidden trails

Hiking in Levanto

Hike Levanto’s hidden trails is a great option when visiting this area

The Cinque Terre being really crowded, enjoying a one-day hiking trek through the tiny and beautiful hamlets in the valley of Levanto is a very good idea.

Oasi Hotel, Levanto - SenSuoSa

The view is always worthwhile, there is silence, history, culture and myths to be discovered and colorful nature all around. That’s why Doug and Erica decided to move here to raise their three kids and after exploring every inch of the area are now organizing these guided tours to let other people enjoy it.

The valley of Levanto is famous for its numerous hilltop hamlets, all of which are still connected by the old footpaths and mule trails that once were the lifeblood of these communities. There is a lot of up and downhill, but none of the hiking is difficult or technical. A picnic lunch is included for all hikers, perhaps in the shade of an abandoned church or waterwheel, or in the secluded piazza of one of the towns. Peace and quiet and spectacular views are guaranteed.

Oasi Hotel, Levanto - sensuosa

This is the proposed itinerary:

  • Fossato
  • Lizza
  • Lavaggiorosso, via the ancients mills of Lizza
  • Groppo
  • Dosso, perfect for a lunch break
  • Casella
  • Montale, with a coffee break at the bar
  • Lerici
  • Pastine
  • San Bartolomeo
  • Le Ghiare

Hike Levanto's hidden trail

The tour starts at 9.00 a.m. and lasts more or less 6 hours, with 3 hours walking, lots of visits and relaxing time in the hamlets and a picnic including drinks and traditional dishes.

You can book at the hotel front desk or you can write an e-mail to Doug and Erica and fix everything directly with them. And in case of doubts, these are their words:


Traveling with us means putting yourselves in our hands, in the hands of people who love this territory, who have explored every inch of it, and who have a connection to its culture and lifestyle.

We know how much trust you have to place in someone to let them organize your vacation or study abroad halfway around the globe, and we do absolutely everything to live up to your expectations, turning your dreams into reality.

And if we are able to pass on even a tiny part of our passion for this small part of the world during your voyage, then we’re sure that we will all have a travel experience worth remembering.

Hike Levanto's hidden trail
Douglas & Erica of Voyager
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