SenSuoSa Levanto
Events in the Cinque Terre area

SenSuoSa in Levanto

Finally we come to the seventh edition of SenSuoSa in Levanto, or trails, sounds and flavors. It’s a total sensory experience, an evening full of emotions, sharing, discovery, laughter, dishes and products of our tradition and good wine. In short, an evening you will remember with pleasure. In the past three years we had more […]

Sentiero Manarola - Corniglia, tra vigna e mare. Il sentiero n°586-587, ex 6d-7a del CAI.
Hiking in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Walking Park

Cinque Terre guided tours in June Looking for cool official Cinque Terre guided tours and visits? Well, here’s yet another great Cinque Terre Walking Park schedule. Hikes and tours with an optional wine tasting to be paid separately upon booking! To book, you can ask at the hotel front desk or contact the National […]

Il 1° Festival delle Geografie a Levanto
Events in the Cinque Terre area

The Geo Festival in Levanto!

The Geo Festival in Levanto The third edition of the Geo Festival will be held from April 11th to 14th in Levanto. The word geography was created and then developed by Eratosthenes: his γῆ γραφία meant the description of the earth and is traditionally the science that studies the earth and all the […]

Oasi Hotel on holiday
About the Oasi Hotel in Levanto

We are going on holiday!

Our own holiday season starts! We love to welcome our guests during their holiday, but we also love to go on holiday.  This is our own holiday period and we will be spending a few freezing months on a US cross-country (Boston-San Francisco via Vermont, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Washington […]