Levanto, trekking paradise and Cinque Terre ideal basis!

Our village is beautifully placed in the extreme east of the Italian Riviera, halfway from Genoa and Pisa, very close to the prized Cinque Terre, Porto Venere and Portofino.

It has been an appreciated and well known seaside resort since the beginning of last century. Here you can appreciate and discover the fantastic show that nature offers twelve months a year.

During summertime you can enjoy the beach, the sea and the beautiful rocky landscape, surfing and others sports and of course various excursions such as a daily trip to Portofino or hiking tour in Cinque Terre area. When spring arrives you can discover the rich Mediterranean flora during pleasant walk on the coast, during autumn the warm colors of the nature with the local vintage and its famous wines. Wintertime offers the olives’ season with its colored nets used for the harvest and again the sea, completely different in this period.

Levanto Walking Tour

The old town is surprisingly rich. Strolling around you can discover the medieval walls and the ancient channel-harbor of the Republic of Genoa, the Renaissance buildings on via Garibaldi and the beautiful ancient cloister of square Cavour.

From March to October don’t miss the Walking Tour starting every Monday evening at 6.00.

The waterfront

The waterfront is the perfect option for a relaxing walk in the evening while enjoying the sun setting on the sea.

You can have a very short walk on the left hand side, to enjoy the elegant villas and their beautiful gardens or maybe stroll on the beach till the rocky Vallesanta creek or again take a longer walk along  the biking and walking path built on the ancient railway road and connecting the village to two lovely villages: Bonassola and Framura.

The valley

The emerald green valley is dotted with eighteen medieval hamlets dominating the hillside. Visiting them is like stepping into the past and even if they’re tiny you’ll certainly find some interesting details, welcoming people and an impressive view.

These colorful hamlets are all connected to one another by paths and we heartily recommend to take some time to hike around here.

The tourism board also arranges several events during the year to have our guests discover local food and wine tradition and beautiful villages such as Lavaggiorosso, Legnaro or again Chiesanuova. Our favorite one is SenSuoSa, but the Mangialonga is well worth a stay too!

Outdoor activities

You will also have a large choice of outdoors activities. Here you will be able to decide whether to just lay down on the beach, go fishing, swimming, kayaking, spend the day between paddle board or surfing the waves or, if you prefer, you can go hiking, biking or just stroll around to discover our beautiful hillside hamlets…


It represents a real hiking paradise, offering paths of any level with lots of different views. It’s of course the perfect starting point to enjoy paths in the Cinque Terre National Park, but also all around it.

Actually, trails in the valley and those heading North are beautiful and much more quiet than those in the national park… You’ll get a detailed map upon your arrival, but if you prefer to get everything arranged before your stay, do check our Hiking in the Cinque Terre region section and do not hesitate to contact us.


This is also a great surfing spot and the best period to et cool waves is generally from October to May. No matter what’s your level, here you’ll enjoy yourself!

There are several surfing spots along the beach and if you never tried before even several classes, for kids and adults, groups or individuals, from basic to experienced level. You don’y even have to worry about the equipment: there are two very well furnished shops selling and renting everything you need to practice and even cool fancy surfing style clothes ;-).

And if you’re not a wave-person, you can enjoy a more relaxing paddle board tour discovering the small coves in caves that dot our rugged coastline, snorkeling or just laying on your board away from the hustle and bustle of the beach.


We’re not true bikers ourselves, but we love them and that’s why we were happy to enter the Liguria Bike Club program a few years ago! We therefore arranged some facilities for you to fully enjoy your biking holiday in the Cinque Terre area, whether you prefer roads or downhill MTB or cool e-bikes.

Ask the front desk for detailed info and personalized tips and we’ll be happy to help you arrange a great stay!

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