Levanto New Year swimming beach party!


Levanto New Year swimming beach party is a special tradition

This year again will meet for the very happy Levanto New Year swimming beach party!

The session is on January 1st at 11.00 a.m. in Piazza Agnelli in Levanto. Registration will be open until 12.00 and at 12.30 we’ll plunge all together into the blue Ligurian sea!

Levanto New Year swimming beach party is an old tradition, seeing locals and tourists having fun together. Of course, swimming in the middle of winter is not anybody’s cup of tea, but the Ligurian sea is never too cold. Average seasonal temperature is around 17°/19° which is not too cold when used to the Ocean or Northern seas or lakes. Freezing to me though…

The organization also provides medical assistance on site and there are even those beautiful emergency Terranova dogs! On the waterfront there are also some restrooms and changing rooms for people to wear the swimming suit only last second.

The beach party

Usually people start drinking Prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine, in the water, but the real party is outside 🙂

All swimmers are invited to eat, drink and dance on the waterfront. This year they’ll be offered yummy traditional polenta with meat sauce, sweet pancakes, sgabei (a local homemade fried bread), hot chocolate and mulled wine. A true feast!

Music is of course part of the fun and is provided by the local radio, RLV (Radio Levanto Val di Vara), mixing on site.

Non swimmers can take part to the beach party too. By paying a very symbolic price they can eat, drink and dance together with their sporty friends and family. I’m aways in this second group 😉


All proceeds will be donated to the children hospital Gaslini in Genoa and this is an excellent reason itself to take part in this event, even when not swimming.

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