Mangialonga 2017

Mangialonga 2017, the video

Mangialonga 2017 (i.e. eat-long) is a non-competitive gastronomic walk of about 15 km. It takes place every year in Levanto on the third Sunday of May and follows a different itinerary through the valley.

This year the walk developed on the east side of the valley, with stages in eight medieval hillside hamlets. The whole route offered an amazing view on the coastline.

As always, the meeting point for the 1300 greedy hikers was square Cavour, from 9:30 till 11:30 a.m. My friends and I left with the last group at 11:00, wearing the new-logo-tshirt and the shiny green bandana furnished by the management. We started singing out loud from the beginning and kept singing and dancing all day long!

The walk wasn’t a very easy one, but luckily we had quite a cloudy not too warm day and that helps, a lot! The route crosses lots of villages and stopping everywhere for a glass of local wine and some food also helps 😉

We starter with onion focaccia, followed by a yummy meat bruschetta, vegetable pie, fresh pasta with nuts sauce, roasted meat, seafood, local cheese with jam, strawberries and in the end, once back in Levanto, jam cake with coffee and sweet wine. What a feast!

The video

I even filmed this Mangialonga 2017, for you to get a better idea of what to expect from it.

Next edition will touch seven hillside hamlets, but on the other side of the valley. So, completely different itinerary and also different menu and live music. Local wine and fun will always be there tough, do not worry 😉

Bookings will open in February and the event is generally sold out in a few days, but we’ll keep you posted in advance.

P.S. It’s a fun even, but quite a sporty one and hiking shoes are therefore essentials!

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