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About the Oasi Hotel and ourselves


The Oasi Hotel and us


This small hotel is the realization of  my parents’ dream, Lella and Claudio, who already run their own restaurant since ever…

Fruit of immense sacrifices, which sometimes seem never-ending (especially to my brother Fabio and myself), but also source of small and great satisfaction…

Oasi Hotel, about us

After a troubled period of design and construction, we opened our doors on July 12th, 2008. Everything is not like we dreamed it, but season by season, we try to improve and perfect details, not despairing to reach our initial goal, our ideal… but then, an ideal can remain the same over the time?!

We have fourteen rooms, on two floors. Those on the ground floor have direct access to the garden, while those on the first floor may have a balcony or not.

Our rooms do not have numbers, but letters… because we prefer the font and design style and because we love details (even the useless ones), they are not in alphabetical order, but were chosen on the basis of how beautiful the letter is …

Being a party of four, unanimous decisions would have required too many uncomfortable compromises, so that we established only one: everyone had to pick furnishings, accessories and tones for a certain number of rooms… that’s why there are various style…

In short, we sincerely believe that the Oasi Hotel offers a warm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for your summer holidays in Levanto or for relaxing getaway off season.

Claudio, Lella, Fabio and Silvia

P.S. In fact we are five!

The mascot of the hotel is Atena, like the goddess… it is a female Alpenländische Dachsbracke.

Atena, the Oasi Hotel actual boss

She is supposed to be a wild boar hunting dog, but she actually is a “princess of the couch”, whose only contact with wild animals could be if cooked and served in her bowl 😉


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