Breakfast at the Oasi Hotel in Levanto


Our breakfast, a yummy moment

Well, let’s start by saying that we love breakfast!

I (Silvia) only take a very ristretto expresso and a slice of salted local focaccia and every few days I treat myself with a blueberry smoothie.

Jenni takes a slightly longer coffee with focaccia and she loves scrambled eggs at mid morning. Raffaella prefers a sweet breakfast with a strong cappuccino and a creamy donut.

Matteo only drink an expresso and then there’s Atena, who would eat everything and Jenni loves to spoil her as soon as the service is over while most of our guests do that all along…

Our breakfast

This is always an important moment but on vacation even more and that is why we want to meet your expectations, with the goal to improve it season after season thanks to your tips.

In addition to the classics of our local “colazione” including expresso and other hot drinks, a wide selection of teas, donuts, croissants, focaccia, local biological yogurt and juices. You can enjoy meats and cheeses, eggs cooked in various ways, Anglo-Saxon culture dishes, fresh fruit smoothies and of course Nutella.

The baker and the grocer deliver us their fresh products around 7.00 a.m. and we serve it from 7.30 to 11.00.

If you wish to enjoy your comfy bed a bit longer you can of course get a coffee or any other hot drink and a slice of cake with some biscuits till after noon 😉

You can enjoy it where you prefer: in the dining room, perhaps close to our fireplace if you come to visit off season, or in our winter garden or in the sunny and flowery backyard. You can even have it served in your room at an extra cost of 5€ per person.

P.S. Fruit, biscuits, black coffee and tea are offered throughout the day and you can help yourself.


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