Let’s prepare and taste pesto while sipping a glass of wine!

Pesto cooking class at the Oasi

Pesto cooking class, a new service for our guests!

Pesto is a cold basil sauce, ideal with fresh handmade pasta, but also for unconventional yummy tapas! Plus, it was also Frank Sinatra’s favorite 😉

I was born and grow up in Cinque Terre area, then I left to live in Paris and when I came back, a few years ago, I re-discovered my region, its traditions and above all its food and wine. Pesto is of course my favorite!

Pesto cooking class at the Oasi

I can eat it every day without never getting tired of it. I learned to prepare it the traditional way during happy summer afternoon on my grandma’s balcony, overlooking Vernazza Main Street… sweet memory and cool knowledge.
I love to share the original pesto recipe and cool advices to fully enjoy it with foreign friends and I’ll be more than happy to share it with you too!

Our pesto cooking class

We’ll be having our class every Thursday and Sunday at 6.30 p.m., in our colorful garden and in case of bad weather we can move into the veranda.It will last more or less one hour and cost 20€ per person, including all the ingredients, the focaccia and the essential glass of Cinque Terre wine 😉

You’ll learn how to prepare it following the original recipe, while sipping a glass of Cinque Terre wine, each one at his/her table with his/her own typical marble mortar and the needed ingredients.

Once the sauce done, we’ll taste it on local focaccia toasts and you’ll even get a food box to take your own pesto home!
During the class I’ll tell you everything about this basil sauce, its ingredients, but also its conservation and the ideal pastas and recipes to go with.

Once back home you’ll be able to impress your family and friends with a typical Italian Riviera meal!