Sciacchetrail 2019 in the Cinque Terre

Sciacchetrail 2019: running, nature and Sciacchetrà wine

On April 6th 2019 the Cinque Terre will host a new edition of the Sciacchetrail.  This trail running race is a perfect mix of two great passions of our territory: Sciacchetrà wine and trail running.

The route crosses hiking path, vineyards, vertical trails and villages, always in front of an amazing sea view.

The race

The race is always at the end of winter, when the light is perfect and the weather not too warm. The 47 km trail is not for everybody, but there are always around 300 runners from almost 20 countries! Looking at them passing by in seconds on those narrow steep paths is always impressive!

This race itinerary is a loop that starts in Manarola and ends in Monterosso, joining the five villages and their shrines. As said before, it’s 47 km of dirt trails, with 2,600 meters of elevation gain. Again, not for everybody…

It always starts at 7.30 a.m. and last up to 10 hours. Last edition winner did it in 5h30 though…

Sciacchetrail 2019: running, nature and Sciacchetrà wine

The scheduled events in Monterosso

On Friday

6.00 p.m. : Blind Sciacchetrà competition: Cinque Terre wine makers tells their passion for this amazing landscapes and let you discover their most valuable wine (to book: – max 40 people)

On Saturday

7.30 a.m. : Sciacchetrail 2019

10.00 a.m. : Outdoor & Family Village

12.00 to 6.00 p.m. : Pasta Party (for info

4.00 – 5.30 p.m. : Sciacchetrail 2019 arrival and Party!

On Sunday

9.30 a.m. : Outdoor & Family Village

11.30 a.m. : Show Cooking

2.30 p.m. : Mini Sciacchetrail for kids (for info or +39 340 5498548)

5.00 p.m. : 2019 Sciacchetrail Closing session.

Sciacchetrail 2018: running, nature and Sciacchetrà wine

Walk & Wine, on Saturday

8:30 a.m. :  Sciacchetrail Walk & Wine from La Spezia train station at 8 or from Vernazza train station at 8:30, a cool & friendly hiking tour through the shrines with CAI, the hiking National Association of La Spezia

For info and bookings:


For more info, please do check the Sciacchetrail official website!

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