Restaurant L’Oasi

Our seafood restaurant in Levanto

at 200m from the hotel

 Booking required

Tel. +39 0187 800856

From 12:00 to 2:00 and from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m.

Closed on Wednesday (but on July and August)

Ristorante L'Oasi a Levanto

L'Oasi is our seafood restaurant in Levanto.

It's a small family run restaurant, representing the excellence of the Italian Riviera cuisine since decades, first in Soviore (the shrine above Monterosso), then Bonassola and today in Levanto.

Our cooking skills, whose knowledge is given by the experience and the love for this work, always give great satisfaction to both us and our our customers.

Our menu is based on fresh fished fish, selected personally every morning at dawn by Claudio and cleaned directly in the restaurant kitchen a few hours later, upon delivery.

For this reason, the menu may vary depending on the catch of the day, as well as the price per kg which is fixed to the rod.

Let us advise you when ordering for the daily best options.

Our dishes and sauces are cooked when ordering and and we only use a few fresh and light ingredient, just to enhance the fish.

Lella, Claudio and Fabio 

Our menu

Some considerations that should be kept in mind when ordering:

Our dishes are not prepared until you order them.

We absolutely do not utilize frozen or pre-prepared ingredients in our cooking.

Some require more time than others so certain orders might take a bit longer to arrive to your table than others.

If you are a large group of people, it will be then quicker to order multiple portions of few dishes so that everyone receives their food at the same time.

We at L’Oasi use only the freshest ingredients, therefore some dishes might not be available in certain seasons or on certain days.

We try our best to provide you we the absolute best available and refuse compromise to less than highest quality.

We apologize for this infrequent inconvenience but feel that it is necessary to keep the higher standard of our cuisine.

Thank you for choosing L’Oasi

€ 4.00  Service                                      


  • Mixed Sea-Food starter (minimum of two)

€ 18.00 per person

With lemon marinated anchovies, smoked tuna and swordfish, filled anchovies, filled mussels, salty anchovies, marinated baby squids, fresh fish omelet… 

  • Smoked Tuna  

€ 12.00

  • Lemon marinated anchovies

€ 12.00

  • Smoked Swordfish  

€ 12.00

  • Raw Tuna with oil and lemon

€ 16.00

  • Raw prawns

depending on daily fish auctions

  • Parma ham    

€ 10.00

Pasta & Rice

  • Seafood Spaghetti  

€ 13.00

With mussels, clams, prawns

  • Prawn Sauce Trofie (fresh homemade pasta)

€ 14.00

With tomato, cream, prawns

  • Pesto Trofie

€ 13.00

With basil, garlic, oil, pine-seed, parmesan 

  • Clams Spaghetti (minimum of two)

€ 13.00 per person

With garlic, oil, clams

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

€ 8.00

  • Seafood Risotto (minimum of two)

€ 18.00 per person

  • Mussels and Clams Soup  (minim um of two)

€ 18.00 per person

with grilled bread


Main dishes

  • Fresh Fish grilled and then cooked in oven

€ 7.00 per Kg

  • Fresh Fish cooked under salt (minimum of two)

€ 7.00 per Kg

  • Tuna Fish Fillet                                                                    

€ 17.00

in balsamic vinaigrette and roquette salad

  • Fresh King Prawns                                                                

€ 26.00

  • Fresh Prawns                                                                            

€ 24.00

  • Squid Skewer                                                       

€ 17.00

  • Lobster in Catalan style                                            

€ 32.00

With tomatoes, onions, celery, fennels, oil

  • Lobster cooked in oven

€ 32.00

  • Weal steak                                       

Homemade desserts

  • Panna Cotta (with caramel or hot chocolate)

€ 7.00

  • Lemon sorbet with vodka

€ 5.00

  • Strawberry salad                                                                    

€ 7.00

  • Chocolate Fondue with fresh fruits                                

€ 7.00

  • Ice Cream with hot chocolate                                            

€ 7.00

  • Strawberry and Raspberry salad                                      

€ 8.00

  • Pie of the day                                                                             

€ 7.00