New staff member at the Oasi Hotel!

Here’s Matteo, the new Oasi Hotel receptionist!

We have a new entry at the Oasi Hotel: Matteo!

Matteo comes from Levanto, so he’s the perfect person to ask for very local tips and info. We were lucky enough to get in touch with him and even more lucky to have him accept our offer!

He’s our new and only front desk man, working with us six days a week. He’s fluent in English, German and of course Italian. We also made him promise to learn French by next season 😉

You’ll be welcomed and attended by Matteo from Monday to Saturday, from 3:00 p.m. on. On Tuesday and Thursday he’s scheduled in the morning though, at breakfast.

Anyway, it’s much better to let him introduce himself and tell you what you prefers…

Matteo’s own words

Hi there! Nice to meet you.

I come from a rural background. My family is deeply rooted in the area and has been (and still is) cultivating the land for countless generations. Because of this, I learned to appreciate and respect the beautiful, but harsh nature of this region.

Beside outdoors, my interests span from music (I have studied classical double bass at the conservatory of La Spezia) to history, to languages.

Over the years I have played in various different ensembles and I’ve been active in the development of the local musical scene.

My favorite playlist? I’d start with J.S. Bach and end with him as well, his work is so unique in beauty and rationality that everything else falls short in comparison.

This is my first year working at the Oasi Hotel. To me this is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth, and a chance to maybe help people appreciate “my” little town, Levanto, a bit more.

Hope to welcome you soon at the Oasi Hotel!


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