Permanent Exhibition of Material Culture in Levanto


Permanent exhibition in Levanto

The permanent exhibition in Levanto is dedicated to the local material culture and is housed in today’s hostel. Once the ancient seat of the Augustinian convent located at the Water Gate, of which you can still see the walls and the stone bridge.

The Permanent Exhibition of Material Culture includes about 300 objects mainly from Levanto and its district. You will find  documented tools of peasant labor, the cultivation of grapes and olives, animal husbandry and home furnishing items.

The final section is dedicated to games and folk traditions, traditions often not so remote and  lost only with the latest generations. An excellent opportunity to discover and rediscover our history.

Adjacent to the exhibition you will find the reconstruction of the ancient port-channel of Levanto, of which we have informations from the Middle Ages to the sixteenth century.

The exhibition is housed at the Ospitalia del Mare, in Via San Nicolò 1    

Admission is free!

Opening hours

19-20-25-26 April / May 1 to 3             hours 21:30 to 23:30