In the backstage of Oasi Hotel… there is also Jenni


Actually she is not in the backstage… Jenni takes care of our customers at the reception in the afternoon, but twice a week you will find her even in the morning, during breakfast.

She as been working at the Oasi Hotel during the past two years and her smile and her joy are truly contagious, but now I let her introduce herself!


After attending the foreign languages University of Genoa I started working in their offices to become after a while Italian assistant in a private school. At some point I had the opportunity to change my horizon. Five years ago I in fact approached the world of tourism and started working as a receptionist in Levanto and I liked it!

Dietro le quinte di Oasi Hotel... c'è anche Jenni

I liked it right away because in a tourist area like that of Cinque Terre you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, speak different languages and engage with different cultures and lifestyles. In short, traveling stedfast 😀

During winter, when at home from work, I like to spend at least one month in a long journey. It is a passion that I have inherited from my parents with whom every year we used to leave for a different destination, always in a motorhome! This winter, for example, I was in Thailand and in particular the north of the country really impressed me. I recommend it 🙂

Dietro le quinte di Oasi Hotel... c'è anche Jenni

When I’m on holiday, but not traveling instead, in between Sestri Levante and Levanto, I love to take long walks along the paths of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and those of Cinque Terre, between the sea and the Mediterranean vegetation, always accompanied by Nanà of course, my two years old female dog.

Till very soon at the Oasi Hotel!