VinComics first edition on its way!

VinComics in Levanto, a first great edition

VinComics in Levanto: an ideal celebration of the closing season of grapes harvests and, at the same time, tantalizing ”aperitif” of the great Italian comics festival LuccaComics, that takes place the following week. The meeting between wine and comics, between excellence and creativity. A question of beauty.

The event will last three days, from October 19th to 21st, invading the Medieval part of the village. To sum it up in numbers: 21 cartoon artists, 4 exhibitions, 4 conferences, 3 workshops, various events, tastings and thematic dinners with numerous exhibitors, publishers, authors and wine producers.

VinComics a Levanto

VinComics in Levanto: the events

This first edition in Levanto includes a series of events and locations involved:

  1. Sales booth on the first floor of the Casinò, for publishers, cartoon professionals and winemakers
  2. Conferences and meetings at the Ospitalia auditorium
  3. Comic schools workshop in the loft of the Ospitalia
  4. Exhibitions by selected cartoonists in the Municipality seat
  5. Artists’ dedications at the Loggia
  6. Tastings and sale of wines and other local food products in Piazza del Popolo

During the three days of the event there will be wine tastings and numbered collector’s coasters to be signed / drawn by the artists and also combo options, with both coaster and tasting. If you are staying at the Oasi, we will offer you the combo! In fact, we offer you one per person for each night of stay!

There will also be ”Gram! The dinners”: accessible by reservation only, these dinners will offer a unique experience, an informal evening with the cartoonists, during which they’ll tell your their story, answer questions and dialogue with you and the other fans.

Another eno-comics event will be the ”Degustatio”: dialogues-tasting at restaurants / wine bars in the village, always by reservation. These meetings are conceived as dual dialogues, 15-20 minutes with a critic and a sommelier explaining a comic table and the wines you will be tasting.

In order not to miss any updates on this, I suggest you consult the events page on the official VinComics website and of course follow their social networks!


Here we are, now I’ll tell you what you expect to read from the beginning of the article: the cartoonists list! What to say, these are the big names of Italian comics!

From Vittorio Giardino to Milo Manara, from Anna Brandoli to Joshua Held, but also Silver, the father of Lupo Alberto and that of Dylan Dog, Angelo Stano. There will also be the big names of Disney: Silvia Ziche and Andrea Freccero, D’Ippolito, Ferraris and De Lorenzi and then the other super Dylan Dog signature, Franco Saudelli and Alfredo Castelli with his Martin Mystère and the soul of VinComics , the Lady of Italian Comics, Laura Scarpa and it’s not over… 😉

Obviously this post will be updated until last second, but if you need more information, do not hesitate to write me!