Traveling to Cinque Terre despite Coronavirus

Well, these are indeed complicated and quite stressful weeks for travelers all around the world. I was in Sweden when the Coronavirus entered our world and numbers got crazy in less than a month.

We’ve received a few messages from our guests, asking for news and advices regarding their coming trips to Cinque Terre and I thought I could write a few lines with the info we have.

According to virologists, the virus spread weeks, might be even months ago, and we simply lived with it. Most of the people don’t even realize they had it, showing no symptoms at all or those of common light flu.

Since China’s huge crisis, Italian healthcare system started checking travelers, measuring fever upon landing and since the first two Chinese travelers showed symptoms two weeks ago in Rome (they’re out of danger now), they started with swabs on any person showing any symptom and, in northern regions even on some people with none, cause they asked…

With a total of 9.000 swabs only 374 people were found potentially infected and only 190 of them were then confirmed after more accurate tests. This over more than 60 million inhabitants. Of the 190 infected, only 73 of them are actually hospitalized, cause over 80 years old and/or with other aggravating pathologies such as cardiovascular, respiratory or immunodeficiency problems (exactly as it happens with the regular flu). Sadly 7 of them died, cause the virus deeply aggravated their condition.

Despite the number of infected, and the oh so Italian passion for drama and mass media audience needs, the situation is under control and we feel very safe, also thanks to the Italian authorities very serious measures to protect everybody and limit contagion risks.

Coronavirus in Cinque Terre

In Cinque Terre we had no infected people and the regional government is undertaking all the needed measures and procedures to protect locals and travelers.

If you are in good health and, unlike our big boss 😉 aren’t hypochondriac, we invite you to avoid cancelling your trip or modify your plans long ahead. Also cause it seems, according to virologists, that as a regular flu, the crisis should be under total control with the arrival of spring.

For more info and updates, we invite you to trust only official sources and check these two websites: the CDG, and also the Lonely Planet one.

What to do with your booking at the Oasi?

Well, you can cancel for free and modify dates and rates till 2 days ahead for stays in March and till 5 days ahead during the rest of the season, so we’d advice to wait till last minute.

In case you already booked our cheaper prepaid non refundable rate, if you really don’t feel like traveling to Cinque Terre, do text us and we’ll find an arrangement allowing you to postpone the stay and visit us later this season.

As per our cleaning procedures, we adopted sanitation with ozone long ago, so no need to worry about it.

We’re always at your disposal, even when on holiday like right now. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Looking forward to welcome you, as always.

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