Vernazza’s traditions

Vernazza’s traditions can be crazy

Yes, some Vernazza’s traditions might look a bit crazy…

Vernazza is world famous for its beauty, for being an UNESCO site within the Cinque Terre, for its wine and for its cozy colorful restaurants on the main square.

Vernazza is amazing as amazing are its kids and their crazy jumping-in-the-waves tradition!

They do that from the Ventegà, the small pier below the ancient Belforte bastion, where during summer time ferries dock. They plunge in the undertow to get back on the pier with the wave.

Watch this French tourist video to have an idea

A true performance attended by lots of amused or shocked people.

No need to say that it is dangerous and in order to do that you need to perfectly know the rocks around the pier, the local sea currents and being a bit crazy yourself… 😉