Yoga at the Oasi in Levanto

Yoga in Levanto, a practice to relax after visiting Cinque Terre

Practicing yoga in Levanto, after spending the day hiking or visiting Cinque Terre is undoubtedly an excellent solution to relax and end a pleasant day of vacation.

For this reason, from mid-May and throughout the season, we’ll be hosting weekly yoga classes at the Oasi.

Yoga in Levanto

From next Wednesday, a yoga class will be held in our garden every Wednesday at 6 pm.
Our teacher will be the beautiful and spiritual Morena and we are deeply honored and happy to share this new adventure with her and our guests <3
Her classes, lasting about 2 hours, will see a balanced alternation of asana, Pranayama, singing mantra and meditation.

The cost is € 20 per lesson and we’ll provide both the mat and the towel. At the end of the lesson we’ll also offer you a relaxing herbal tea!

Morena is also available for extra sessions during the week or for private lessons. Do not hesitate to ask!

Praticare yoga a Levanto per rilassarsi dopo le Cinque Terre

What is yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy of life born in India more than two thousand years ago. A set of practices, studies, theories and teachings whose ultimate goal is to guide us in the search for the balance between body, mind and spirit. All to make us live better, with greater awareness and strength of mind, but also physical and emotional well-being.

Through the practice, we work on all the areas of the body favoring strengthening and flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as improving the oxygenation of our body.

In addition to the physical body, yoga also recognizes the existence of a body made of energy, called the energy system and composed of a network of channels called nadis, in which the vital energy responsible for our livelihood – prana – flows. At the meeting points of the nadis the famous chakras arise, responsible for the proper functioning of certain organs and emotions. By practicing yoga it is possible to regulate the energy in each chakra, improving our daily life in every aspect.

The main techniques of yoga are the following, all suitable for everyone, because, as Morena says, if you can breathe you can practice yoga 🙂

  • The positions, asana
  • Breath control techniques, pranayama
  • The repetition of sounds, thoughts or words, mantras
  • The gestures of the hands, mudra
  • The guided relaxation techniques, nidra
  • The techniques of purification, shatkarma
  • Meditation

Benefits of yoga

For those who practice consistently, yoga is a real lifestyle whose benefits are proven by numerous scientific studies:

  • It improves strength, flexibility, balance and concentration
  • It improves the functions of organs, tissues and systems, as well as maintaining the cardio-circulatory system in health
  • It increases respiratory capacity
  • It cure back pain and other diseases (I – Silvia – started practicing with Morena mainly for this reason!)
  • It detoxifies the body from toxins
  • It slows aging, improving the appearance and brightness of the skin
  • It helps managing stress and emotions
  • It helps fighting insomnia


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