It all started with a dream.
This small Levanto hotel is realising my parents’ dream, Lella and Claudio. It is the fruit of immense sacrifices, which sometimes seem never-ending (especially to my brother Fabio and myself), but also a source of small and great satisfaction. After a troubled design and construction period, we opened our doors on July 12th, 2008. 

Everything is not like in our dreams, but season by season, we try to improve and perfect details, not despairing of reaching our initial goal, our ideal. But then, can an ideal remain the same over time?!

Our team

We are all locals from Vernazza, Levanto, and La Spezia. 
We all love and know our region perfectly, but we're all very different, each with our hobbies and passions.
We speak English, French, Spanish, and Italian, of course. Silvia also knows some Portuguese and some Russian. Anyway, we'll always do our best to help you, chat, and have fun together, and we can't wait to welcome you to the Oasi!