Your carbon-neutral boutique hotel!

After working for the last four years to minimize our impact by reducing waste, saving energy, helping local communities and charities, and doing our bit to make a difference, a few months ago, we committed to the next level by becoming members of Sustainable Travel International.

They measured our footprint, and we purchased carbon offsets to compensate for our unavoidable emissions.
Along with balancing our carbon footprint, our carbon offset program funds essential projects advancing global climate action.

Let's make the world a better place

The greatest challenge of our times is social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.
Tourism has a significant sustainable impact but can also have tremendous transformative power.

Therefore, we are committed to ushering ourselves and our guests to a more sustainable way of life. 

We've set several goals for ourselves, and the road could be more linear and straightforward, but step by step, we are moving in the right direction.

We’ve taken our commitment to sustainable tourism to the next level by becoming a member of Sustainable Travel International.

As a member, we are part of a global movement of conscientious travellers and businesses passionate about making a difference and giving back to the places we depend on.

Sustainable Travel International is a mission-driven organisation that protects and conserves our planet's most vulnerable destinations.

They are working to transform tourism's impact on nature and people by working alongside local communities, engaging travellers and businesses in responsible practices, and strengthening destination management.

Through this work, they aim to safeguard nature, combat climate change, and empower communities to preserve the integrity of destinations around the globe. To learn more about this cause that we are supporting through our membership, visit their website.

With the same commitment and purpose in mind, we are also a member of Green Globe and are currently undertaking their certification process!

Our choices & decisions

Local suppliers first

We only work with local suppliers and contractors who have sustainability concerns and certifications.

The only non-local products are the 99% organic shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, shipped from the UK.

We hope to find a valuable local alternative as soon as possible.

EV chargers & service

Our regular guests and our friends already know that sustainability, from every point of view, is our priority. We have welcomed electric cars since our first season, but it was time for improvements, so in 2022, we installed three new e-stations!

We have yet to get solar panels, but the electricity we buy is 100% from renewable resources.


Aiming to reduce waste, we went single-use plastic-free in 2019, and the glass containers and bottles we use for the minibars and the buffet are returnable and reusable. 

Over 1 million trees are cut down daily to make traditional toilet paper. Such a waste! That’s why we use Who Gives a Crap's rolls, made using 100% recycled materials. and delivered via carbon-neutral shipping.

Diversity & Inclusion

At the Oasi, there is no room for inequality. Every guest or staff member, whoever they are, should be themselves and feel comfortable and welcome when they walk through our doors.

We believe in affording others considerable latitude of action, providing ample opportunity to prove themselves and be themselves.

Charities & donations

We collaborate with Scarpetta Rossa, a social promotion association against violence against women. Every year, we donate 8x1000 of the Net Income to GiSAL, a local no-profit Disabled Assistance Center. We also contribute to local cultural associations yearly.

We donate the devices, accessories and furniture we replace to local charities, family and friends.

Organic first

We do our best only to serve you fresh, organic, Km 0 products.
Bread, focaccia, pastries, salty tarts, and pies are fresh, delivered every morning by the local baker, Raso, or baked by Claudia. 

The Organic Valley Cooperative in Val di Vara delivers fresh dairy products, including cheeses and cold cuts. 

More details and the breakfast menu...

Water & carbon emissions

Water is life. Let's not waste it.

We installed digital showerheads in all rooms to reduce our carbon footprint further.
Just turn on the water to enjoy your shower as usual. The LED will let you know how much water you consume and its correspondence regarding emissions.

We are providing water filtered to perfection from a local source! Plus, our inox water bottles make it easier to stay hydrated - all while doing good for the environment.

Hotels for Trees

results speak for themselves

1,400 + 

trees we planted since March 19th 2022, thanks to our guests' collaboration 


of CO2 is generated by each overnight stay in a hotel, and we have to compensate


number of trees planted by Hotels for Trees since the beginning of the project

* data updated on April 30th, 2024. 

To check Hotels for Trees' updated stats and to discover more about their plantation projects around the world, check their website.

Carbon Offset

Would you like to compensate for your trip's carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere? Start by calculating the footprint and then decide how to offset it.