This morning we run into a great short video telling a true love story—one of those complicated and passionate everlasting stories… the one between Cinque Terre and its wine.

Cinque Terre wine

The first vines were planted in the Cinque Terre by Greek sailors, and it’s the basis of local agriculture since then. To improve its cultivation, over the centuries, men and women living along this narrow stripe of land built a dense network of terraces bands, called ciàn.

A great work of environmental engineering: 4,200 cubic meters of dry stone walls per hectare, for a total of 8,400,000 cubic meters; 3,163 linear meters of walls per hectare, for a total of 6729 km, more than the radius of the Earth.

This historical video shows you the lifestyle, sacrifices, and costumes of the Cinque Terre people. A good way to understand this area…