Framura is an extraordinary village, elected among the Borghi più Belli d’Italia (i.e., the most beautiful villages in Italy) and Les plus beaux Villages de la Terre (i.e., the most beautiful villages on earth), it’s the final stop of the walking and biking path starting in Levanto and running through Bonassola.

Actually, Framura does not exist, or rather, if you asked any local, they would explain that it only exists on an administrative level and that, in fact, it’s composed of five stunning hamlets.

Starting from the top, you will find Castagnola, where it is possible to admire Luca Cambiaso’s Deposizione, which is kept in the church of St. Lorenzo. Then, descending towards the sea, Costa, with its wonderful Carolingian watchtower and the Pieve of St. Martino.

From there, a narrow path stretching through the typically colorful Ligurian houses leads to Setta, full of antique archways and stone washhouses. After visiting the XV century Genovese watchtower and the Chapel of St. Rocco, the same narrow path will lead to Ravecca, a small medieval hamlet.

Keep descending, and in a few minutes, you will find yourself in our favorite hamlet, Anzo. However, before reaching this hamlet, you will pass through a small square perched upon the sea that might be one of Liguria’s most beautiful squares.

Anzo too has an XV century Genovese watchtower and a tiny neogothic chapel dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve, patron of the village, celebrated on August 2nd with a procession and fireworks on the sea.

To me, walking through this village means experiencing the true Ligurian spirit. Quiet alleys, breathtaking sea views, pastel-colored houses, the alternation between pines and olive trees, the smell of Mediterranean herbs, cats sunbathing on stony steps, beaches full of colorful stones, and surrounded by rocks.

An excellent occasion to visit is the Festa del Turista (i.e., Tourist Party), scheduled towards the end of August. A Coll evening hike coupled with food and wine tasting and music. We love it!

The beach

Beaches here are among our favorites! To get there, take the underground passage at the train station, and you will find yourself on the Spiaggia di Torsei, now linked to the Spiaggia Della Vallà by a path that echoes the very famous Via dell’Amore situated in the nearby Cinque Terre.

Another option is to take the short tunnel located to the train station’s left, therefore reaching the pier and the Punta dei Marmi.

The local sea bottom is crystal clear and populated by many different species of marine wildlife, making it an ideal location for whoever likes scuba diving. Do not hesitate to ask us if you’re interested in having such an experience!

Happy Hour

Like any respectable excursion, this one deserves a drinking break, possibly with a sea view ;) We advise you to try the ASD Agua, a small kiosk situated on the reef. It is an ideal place for a happy hour by the sea.

A trendier option would be L’Agave, and a small restaurant opened last year on the biking trail. The view from their roof terrace is breathtaking, and they offer a notable selection of wines!

Getting there

It’s on the Genova-La Spezia railway line. Only some regional trains stop here, and the ride from Levanto is only 7 minutes long. Once you arrived, you have the option to take a bus that will bring you to any of the five hamlets, or you could take the steep stairway up…

Another option is to rent a bike for free at our Hotel and ride on the biking path. Lastly, you have the option to trek on the SVA path and admire the beautiful landscape!

For more info regarding events and restaurants, you can send an email to the local tourism board!