Among the experiences you absolutely need to add to your bucket list during your stay here, a visit to the sea view vineyard with wine tasting in a typical cellar in Riomaggiore. We recommend the Possa farm, owned by our friend Heidi.

Heidi’s company is the realization of his childhood dream: to reconstruct and perpetuate the wine tradition of the Cinque Terre and therefore preserve its landscape and history.

Possa takes its name from the Possaitara valley in Riomaggiore. A valley with a particular microclimate that was risking abandonment and, therefore, its disappearance.

The wine experience offered by Possa in Riomaggiore

Every day you can book and spend about two hours with Heidi, visiting his wonderful vineyard overlooking the sea, discovering its history and passion.

After the visit, you will reach the cellar, downtown Riomaggiore, to taste wines and local products for an aperitif that guarantees maximum authenticity.

The appointment is at the Info Point of the Cinque Terre Park in a Lavaccio, in Riomaggiore, practically at the parking lot in the upper part of the village. From there, you can reach the vineyard by car with Heidi and then return downtown for the wine tasting.

The experience costs 45 € per person and you won’t regret it!

Possa’s vineyards and vintage

The Possa vineyards are of two types, the historical ones kept with a low pergola, following the Cinque Terre tradition, and the more recent ones in rows, to facilitate daily work. In both cases, however, all the treatments follow traditional methods.

The harvest is also traditional: totally by hand, carrying baskets full of grapes on the shoulder up to the cogwheel train or the typical fisherman’s boats. Yes, because at Possa, part of the harvest is still by boat to honor our history!