The Cinque Terre Ferry is a great opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of this unique coastline and the Gulf of PoetsThe ferry daily ticket can be purchased directly at the front desk so you can avoid queuing at the pier and enjoy our breakfast till the last second.

The boats stop in all villages except Corniglia because it’s the only one without docking.

Therefore, if you have several days, we suggest you dedicate this tour to visiting the islands and Porto Venere, perhaps with a side trip to Lerici, leaving the Cinque Terre for another day.

Otherwise, you can visit Porto Venere as a first step because the town has no train station. Then, you can get off the boat to see the other villages on the way back. You can also mix with the train to visit Corniglia and return later.

The Cinque Terre ferry timetable

Once in Porto Venere, we recommend the 45-minute tour of the Islands – Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto. 
It’s worth the price, even to feel a little like a poet, such as George Sand and his De Musset or Lord Byron.

We also recommend leaving with the earliest ferry in the morning and visit Lerici as well! 

For more info, check the official Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti website!

Cinque Terre Ferry rates

The daily tickets cost 41€ (15€ for kids 6 to 11 years old), and unlimited trips between the five villages and Porto Venere. 

If you prefer to visit Cinque Terre only, you can purchase a limited daily ticket at the box office in front of the pier.

Same thing if you simply want to take the ferry from one village to another.

Our tips to enjoy your trip on the Cinque Terre Ferry

Offshore is chilly, so it's better to provide something to cover you. More importantly, the boat's white and the sun's glare on the sea can be burning.

Remember sunglasses and sunscreen!

Enjoy your boat trip!