Discovering a local brewery and tasting their beers in the picturesque Val di Vara, an organic area located in the Ligurian East, close to the Cinque Terre.

Thanks to a partnership with Taverna del Vara, since 2016, we have been offering our guests a craft blonde and an IPA, and we have often been asked for details about their beer production.

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of beer! We are thrilled to announce that you can now delve into the secrets of beer, malts, and hops, and savor a guided tasting. Experience the thrill of visiting their laboratory and experimental hop field.

The guided tour lasts two hours and includes:

  • Visit to production plants;
  • "Discovering malt and hops" laboratory;
  • tasting of 3 beers with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses;
  • from May to September, visit the hop grove.

and costs:

  • €15.00 for one person;
  • €25.00 for two people;
  • €38.00 for three people;
  • €50.00 for four people;
  • €12.00 each for groups of over four people.

The brewery

After recovering the ancient apple orchard, comprised of around a hundred plants, and the land around the brewery, Elisa and her team dedicated themselves to cultivating hops.

They started with 23 plants of different varieties, and today, they have around 500 plants acquired from local supplier, Mr Hops, mainly Cascade. Hops are directly transformed in the company and reused in the brewery, showcasing their commitment to local sourcing and sustainability.

The headquarters (plant and offices) are set up in the context of the family business; where today hops are grown and where in the past (from the post-war period until the beginning of the 2000s), on one side, water was sold, on the other wine and foams were produced: the laboratory in which these took shape, at the hands of the grandparents, is now the mashing and fermentation room. 

In short, the beers of Taverna del Vara reflect the environment of their birth: they, therefore, bear the names of their typical ingredients or those of the surrounding villages, and the "heart" of the recipes is made up of the raw materials used and those who prepare them.

Elisa and her team invite you to be a part of their journey and experience the passion and dedication that goes into every bottle of their/our beer.